Game Mixtape Maker

After making that launcher for my game mixtape a while back, I wanted to make something so that folks could make there own without needing to know any programming or even having to edit JSON files by hand. So I made this!


To use it

Extract somewhere, then run mixtape_maker.exe. To add games to your mixtape, click the Add button. That gives you this popup.

Type in the game’s author and title. Then you get the option to either specify a zip file that contains the game, or a link to open in a browser when they go to play the game. For the zip option, click “Choose Game Zip/Executable”. That will prompt you for the zip file to use, and then again for the actual executable to run from within that zip file. If you want it to open a browser instead of launching an exe, click “Link to website” and enter the url. Once you’ve got one of those set up, click done and your game should be added.

You can keep adding games and use the edit/delete/move up/move down buttons to change things around. To try out your mixtape, click Test, and once you are ready to share it with the world, click Save Mixtape, tell it where to put the zip file, and you’ll have a mixtape all ready to be uploaded someplace!

There you go

Hopefully you find this handy! If people are actually using it, I’d be interested in making improvements! Let me know!


P.S. I should mention the launcher code is a slightly modified version of @nihilocrat‘s mixtape launcher code. Thanks!

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