Zoë Quinn (@ZoeQuinnzel) had the REALLY GOOD idea of making game “mixtapes”! Basically folks collect a list of games based on some theme or aesthetic or just picking out ones they like, and then anybody who might be interested has a cool way to explore someone else’s taste in games and maybe discover new things they would love!

Here is one by me!

This bundles up 8 freeware games by various folks (none of these games are by me) and takes you through them. Hit the play button to start a game, play as much as you want of each (some don’t actually end), and after you close it, it’ll be ready for you to press play on the next one.

The game list, if you want to see it before downloading:

  • Prizeturret by Leon Arnott
  • Chaser by Shadestorm
  • Wizards are Blocking My Freethrows by Alec Thomson
  • Going Forward by Terry Cavanagh
  • Monkey Trial Turnaround by Susan Douglas
  • And Just Like That I Was Free by Ben Burbank
  • Jill Off with One Hand by Anna Anthropy
  • Judith by Terry Cavanagh and Stephen Lavelle

If you want to check out more game mixtapes, there’s a Tumblr full of ’em now!

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  1. owen says:

    OH no the cloud is down, no tumblr for me :(